August of 2007. I had checked out Cory's porfolio and was looking at some transformations of clients he had helped. I was completely impressed. I wanted to be transformed as well. I asked Cory numerous questions about health and fitness. I felt comfortable with him, so I decided to hire him as my trainer.

I was super nervous at first to be with another trainer, but Cory was friendly and humorous. I was then at ease. My first four weeks training with Cory, I dropped 4% body fat. I was AMAZED with the results. I'm now on my 8 week goal and am sure to lose another 4%. Cory has the knowledge that other trainers I have had trained with didn't have. Cory is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to nutrition. I have never had someone break it down to me on what to eat and how to achieve the best results of weight loss with eating 6 times a day. I was lucky to get 2 meals a day in with my schedule. I have way more energy and I'm in better mood each day. I look forward to my training sessions with Cory. We get the workout done and still have fun at the same time. He is not only my trainer but now one of my good friends. I trust him completely.

Wendy H.

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