Cory is the reason I show up to the gym. He’s everything one needs in a personal trainer—he’s a good listener, attentive, organized, reliable, and informed.

Cory is very knowledgeable and passionate about his work. He makes it fun to work out but still challenging, he makes you push yourself and you feel so accomplished after working with him.

Over the years I have tried different diets and worked out hard but I never saw my body image & definition change until I start training with Cory.

You won't find a better trainer. He is committed to your health and well being and will go the extra mile to help you get where you want to be.

"Cory is an amazing trainer. I relocated to Minnesota just to train with him. What differentiates him from other trainers I have had is that Cory provides you progressively hard workouts tailored to your needs and abilities.

I hired Cory on as my personal trainer in mid-2007 after having worked with numerous other trainers in the past and not getting results. In the time that I have worked with Cory I have dropped FOUR pant sizes and 40 lbs!!

"I've been training with Cory twice a week for 4 years now and he is the real deal! He knows his stuff!

Cory is the real deal! I trained with Cory for about five months, and I saw great results. Cory knows everything you need to know about fitness and nutrition, and his work ethic is outstanding.

I've trained with Cory for over 3 years. I was overweight and having hip problems. Cory established a baseline of my fitness levels and set clear short and long term goals. He then designed a personalized exercise and nutrition plan that worked best for me.

Cory provided me with weight lifting workouts that I could perform at my own gym and it gave me the variety I was looking for in my exercise routine.

I have been working with Cory for about two months now and the results from working with him have exceeded my expectations.

"I went to see Cory twice a week at about 60 lbs overweight. Cory did the initial assessment and showed me a chart of where I was at currently and where I would be every month in the future until I hit my goal.

Cory helped me realize I can have fun and be healthy. He's a great trainer and an even better person because he actually cares and doesn't judge people.

I hadn't seen my friend for a couple of months and when I did ....WOW! She looked amazing!! I asked her what she was doing and another friend and I said "We're doing that!!" We called Cory immediately!!

I have been training with Cory since August 2012. Over the past two months I have exceeded my goals and continue to improve with each session.

August of 2007. I had checked out Cory's porfolio and was looking at some transformations of clients he had helped. I was completely impressed. I wanted to be transformed as well. I asked Cory numerous questions about health and fitness. I felt comfortable with him, so I decided to hire him as my trainer.

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