Client Spotlight: Lance

My client Lance made an incredible transformation in only 8 months! 265lbs to a lean, muscular, and fit 200lbs!

Great work Lance! I'm so proud of you! Your hard work and dedication has been awe inspiring! 

"I had been working out regularly for months on my own, and never really showed any gains. Once I started with Cory everything changed. Cory helped with not only workouts but nutrition as well, and within the first month I was seeing the progress that I was hoping for. Cory made certain that I was progressing every workout, and that I was following the nutrition plan that he had laid out for me. I never would have imagined that I could have transformed my body this dramatically in such a short peroid of time. Cory made it easy, all that I had to do was show up, work hard, and he took care of the rest. Don't hesitate to hire Cory if you are struggling to make progress on your own. I see Cory 3 sessions per week. My wife is now working with him as well. We are hooked! This is by far the best investment in my health/lifestyle that I could have ever made"
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