Client Spotlight: Aaron

My client Aaron has made tremendous progress in only 4 weeks! These were taken exactly ONE MONTH apart!

Keep up the great work Aaron! I can't wait to see what 3 months brings!

"Cory is amazing! I've experienced fantastic results in a very short period of time. He is so outgoing, knowledgeable and excited about my progress. I'm looking forward to the final results of my body transformation!"

-Aaron R.

client spotlight aaron one month

Update: These are Aaron's two month progress pictures. The results have been incredible! Great job Aaron!!!

client spotlight aaron two months

Update: These are Aaron's three month progress pictures. Aaron dropped to 5.5% bodyfat in three months! He added 2 inches to his arms, 5 on his shoulders, 3 on his thighs and 4 on his chest! Making all of these gains in muscle while dropping from 10% down to 5.5% bodyfat!

client spotlight aaron three months

Update: Here are Aaron's 5 months progress pictures! It's truly an amazing transformation thus far! So proud of all of the effort, commitment and diligence on his part!

Aaron has maintained 6% body fat and has continued to gain a substantial amount of muscle! Keep up the great work Aaron!!!

client spotlight aaron five months a

client spotlight aaron five months b

client spotlight aaron five months c

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