I hadn't seen my friend for a couple of months and when I did ....WOW! She looked amazing!! I asked her what she was doing and another friend and I said "We're doing that!!" We called Cory immediately!!

Our friend had gone from 41% body fat to 18% in 11 weeks! Incredible! Cory has worked with my friend and I to do an assessment, set goals, develop a nutrition plan and create challenging and fun workouts!! He"ll make you laugh while you sweat! You do what Cory tells you to do and miracles happen!!! We have seen amazing results in 2 weeks!! Cory is also working with my daughter. She is so inspired and motivated! He is doing a total family makeover for us! He is inspiring us to change bad eating habits and create lean, strong bodies. He is a blessing to us in so many ways!!! Working with Cory is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself! It will change your life!!

Tammy R

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