Nutrition Coaching

Healthy, long term weight loss is our focus.

Our services are tailored to the client who wants to lose body weight while eating healthfully as a lifestyle change - NOT a crash diet. Features include:

  1. Client assessment and goal setting
  2. Food intake tracking and analysis
  3. Caloric and macronutrient needs assessment
  4. Customized meal planning that works with clients goals and schedule
  5. Nutrition and lifestyle strategies for long term weight loss maintenance
  6. Nutritional supplements: evaluation & recommendations

Nutrition is key to transforming your body. Most people think that with exercise alone their weight loss goals can be reached. Unfortunately, more often than not this is not the case. Metabolic rate and diet go hand in hand and if the body is not kept in an anabolic or positive state the metabolic rate slows down and the person ends up storing body fat and losing muscle. We can help! Many factors influence the diet we customize for our clients. Lifestyle, gender, age, body type, current body weight, body fat %, schedule, likes, dislikes, and goals are all factored into our nutrition plans.

Transforming your body involves a number of factors. Exercise, nutrition, recovery, and genetics all play a dramatic role. Diets and exercise are often victims of fashion, trends, and public opinion. If all the metabolic miracles and exercise routines fulfilled their claims we would all have amazingly lean bodies. Unfortunately, the creation of most diets, health foods, supplements and exercise programs are not inspired by optimal health, but consumerism. We have an educated and experienced background in exercise physiology and nutrition. Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, sport-specific, or general fitness, We can help! Every nutrition program is individually customized to the clients specific goals and needs. Customized workouts to help you meet your goals are also available.

We customize a nutrition plan that is based on your body type, goals, and lifestyle.

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