Satya lost 30lbs of fat in less than 3 months!

I never thought I would need a personal trainer. My weight has always fluctuated throughout the years and every time I would gain too much, I would just go to the gym more. Do some more cardio, and after a couple months drop back down to normal. This pattern happened for years.

Become a little lazy, and eat and drink a little too much, then become more active and watch my diet more carefully. I never really did much weight training. Then I quit smoking. And I gained a little more than usual, and it became a little more difficult to get back down to a weight I was comfortable with. That was when I decided to call in a professional, who happened to be Cory. He was honest and straight to the point about what I needed to do to accomplish my goal. I realized how important it was to try to keep my diet stable all the time, instead of see-sawing constantly. He also told me how important weight training is to tone and keep my metabolism up. His program worked wonderfully. I lost 30lbs of fat within the first 12 weeks and I felt confident that if I kept on listening to his advice, I would get to my desired weight. I did and I feel great! I am actually thinner than I have been in years and it has not been difficult to keep the weight off. I would recommend everyone and anyone to see Cory. I still train with him twice a week, even 3 years later! He keeps me motivated to get stronger and stronger every day, in mind and in body.

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