Rachel lost 60 lbs of fat and totally transformed her body and her life!

"When I first hired Cory, I was overweight, had no energy, and was unhappy with the way I felt about my body. Since then, he has completely changed my life!

With all of his knowledge and experience, Cory knows just how to push me to meet my goals and not only has he helped me meet those goals; he is also helping me to over exceed them. It is the greatest feeling when my clothes are getting bigger and I am getting smaller and so much more enjoyable when people start recognizing all of the hard work I have done. I could not have done this without him. I workout three days a week with Cory and he’s very easy to get along with and he makes my workouts fun and interesting. I can feel and see myself getting stronger and leaner every week! It is absolutely worth hiring Cory if you are ready to change your body and change the way you feel about yourself."

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