I have always been athletic, but sometime after turning 40 I realized that my workouts were less effective than they used to be, and that I was injuring myself more frequently. I came to the conclusion that my body had changed over time but my workouts hadn’t. I was still stuck doing the same routine I had been doing for years. So I hired Cory to help me develop a balanced, more effective program.

Well, Cory went well beyond that, ensuring that the exercises I do also address some of my underlying health issues (particularly a bad back). The chemistry with him has been great, and with his encouragement I quickly saw the results I was hoping for. I ended up working out with Cory for an extended time and I never have looked as good or felt better. I am now fit, confident in the way I look, but also injury-free. I have other friends who say their Personal Trainers only have given them temporary help, or that the expense wasn’t worth the results. I have not had that experience with Cory. By focusing on me, my body, my age and my unique physical issues, Cory was able to customize a program for me that put me at my physical best. Body By Cory? You bet.

Eric B.

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