I am an extremely busy single mother that manages a 60% travel work schedule, monthly. I hired Cory as my personal trainer almost 3 months ago thinking that this may not work due to my usual thought process of, "not being able to find the time to do what I need to do for me." I was wrong, I finally found someone that truly knows how to help me gain the results that I am looking to attain.

Having trainers in the past and now having the opportunity to experience professional services from Cory, I can honestly say that my experiences have been "Night and Day". Just as in any industry every company strives to have a successful customer service approach, Cory definitely shines in this area. I believe that Cory has a gift in this field, not only does he have extensive knowledge on what works, but he has mastered how to motivate a person to be the best that they can be. He has helped me stay focused on the important things and the outcome of this is, RESULTS!! I have been very pleased with the results that I can see in just 8 weeks! (Need I say more?) Now that I found Cory, I have no doubt that my Health and Fitness goals are no longer a "wish" or a "dream", but are becoming my reality. Thanks Cory, I am here for the duration and longer!!

Cindy T.

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