I was hesitant about joining with another personal trainer for fear of not reaching results. When I first met with Cory he had put together an assessment of my body and a workout plan to fit my needs. During the hour that I would spend with him, I could actually feel the areas that I was working on become tired and worked.

There were times that I would become tired, but he would motivate me to work through my weakness, which in turn improved my overall strength. I became stronger and more aware as to what is the correct way to lift and what's the incorrect way. Every week he would switch my routine, which kept me intrigued. Unfortunately I had to move, but I have brought along the skills that I've learned to the fitness center that I am at now. People ask me for the help now... and when I feel like I am too tired or ready to give up, I can hear Cory telling me "Come on Ang"! I highly rec. Cory as a trainer and the center that he uses to train is very private, clean, and up-to-date.

Angela S.

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